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Workplace Injuries

What is Workers’ Compensation?

In California, if you are injured at work, you are subject to a different set of rules and a different legal process than if you were injured outside of the workplace.

The California Workers Compensation system is a state- regulated insurance system that pays medical bills and may replace lost income through temporary or permanent disability payments. This applies to California employees who are injured or disabled at work or who have work-related injuries, industrial diseases or occupational illnesses. Workers’ Compensation will pay for the medical treatment of injuries or illness if:

  • The injury occurred at work or the disease or illness is job-related; and
  • The injured worker is an employee, and not an independent contractor, who suffered an injury on the job site.

California Workers Compensation insurance will also replace some of the workers lost wages or income if the work injury or industrial illness caused the injured worker to lose some or all income for more than three days.

How Does the Worker’s Compensation System Work?

An injured California worker is usually entitled to all reasonable medical care expenses that result from a work-related injury. Covered medical care by California Workers Compensation insurance claims generally include: medical, surgical and hospital services, dental services, crutches, hearing aids, chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, nursing care and the like and prescribed medications. Covered expenses typically continue as long as medical treatments are reasonable and necessary to cure the on the job injury.

If injured or ill, we advise you to consult with your workers’ compensation attorney regarding employer- designated medical providers and your therapy. For example, your workers compensation lawyer can explain the right to control your own medical treatment (choosing your own doctors) after 30 days have passed since the incident.

If you or someone you care about has been injured in the work-place, please call us to discuss and protect your legal rights.